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performance by Anastasia Yudina
Anastasia Yudina's Creative Evening at the SHKAF Library and Art Residence with the support of the Foundation

Sergey Limonov
The Art of Collecting

The event was held at the Pulkovo Autodome Mercedes-Benz as part of the "S-lounge" project with the support of the Art.Coordinate Foundation and 8848


Artist talk. Sergei Limonov, "The Art of Collecting

The event "The Art of Collecting with Sergei Limonov", held on December 21 at the Pulkovo Autodome Mercedes-Benz as part of the "S-lounge" project with the support of the Art.Coordinate Foundation and 8848 investors, was a bright end to the year 2021 for our team.

The speaker, represented by the Foundation, was Sergei Limonov, collector of contemporary art and investor. Sergey Limonov shared his own experience and spoke about what every beginning collector faces, how to choose and buy successfully, and answered questions from the audience.

We thank the guests for their great interest in the lecture and warm reception of the speaker!

Library and Art Residence SHKAF 18.12.2021


Performance by Anastasia Yudina

On December 18, a performance by Anastasia Yudina was held with the support of our Foundation in the space of the SHKAF Art-Residence and Library @shkaflib.

Anastasia is an artist, poet and teacher of additional education at Stieglitz Academy. The performance Partus was devoted to research of human abilities to reincarnation.

Also Anastasia told about the history of its creation and embodiment, shared her poems and answered many questions from the audience during the artist talk that accompanied the event.

We thank everyone in attendance for their interest. We are happy to inspire you!

Art.Coordinate Foundation took part in the III Curatorial Forum as part of the Art Weekend 2021 public program.
6th URAL
Art.Coordinate Foundation took part in the 6th Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art.
Tchaikovsky st., 11/2, room 207

Art Weekend 2021: 3rd Curatorial Forum

The Art.Coordinate.Foundation will take part in the 3rd Curatorial Forum as part of the Art Weekend 2021 public program.

ITMO University, with the support of the Foundation, will hold a Round Table “Interdisciplinary Research in the History of Art: Problems and Prospects. On the connection between science and art, interdisciplinary cooperation of scientific institutions and artists, as well as problems and prospects of interdisciplinary research."

Also, under the auspices of the foundation, a lecture-performance "What does contemporary dance do?" from dance artists and curators the artists of the SDVIG performing arts studio.

6th Ural Industrial Biennale

The Art.Coordinate.Fundation will take part in the 6th Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art.

Daria Martynova, Fund’s project curator, will present a lecture «Hysterical bodies in visual culture». It will explore the hysterical concept, connected with the tradition of neuromimesis, in the context of French art. The main purpose of the lecture is to actualize the influence of hysteria on Art.

Apart from that, the Art.Coordinate.Fundation will support the artists of the SDVIG performing arts studio by providing photo and video documentation of the event.

Art forum #examplemonth

As part of the #examplemonth art forum held by the library and SHKAF art residence, lectures by our curators Daria Martynova and Daria Firsova were held.
Summer laboratories of contemporary dance and performance. With the support of the Foundation Art.Coordinate

Art.Coordinate held a lecture called «Prophecies of the Russian Avant-garde» at the Diaghilev Festival — 2021
A dialogue with artist Alexei Gan within the framework of the teen art awards

Library and art-residence SHKAF 09.19.2021

Lectures: Art forum


On September 19, our curators Daria Martynova and Daria Firsova gave lectures as part of the #examplemonth art forum held by the library and SHKAF art residence.

Daria Martynova, author of "Art Brut: Problems of Terminology and Study," spoke about outsider art in the mid-20th century that denied and expanded the "traditional" conventions of classical art. Daria explored questions of the origins of art brut, as well as its relationship to psychiatry.

Daria Firsova's lecture "Old Russian icon painting and the avant-garde: the meeting place - the steamship of modernity" continued the theme of the Russian avant-garde, taken up by the speakers of our foundation during the Diaghilev seasons. Daria highlighted the assimilation of the artistic traditions of iconography by the avant-gardists, as well as compared the moral and spiritual quest of the former and the philosophy of the latter.

"Shift" Performing Arts Studio, August 2-15, 2021

Summer laboratories

«Delirious dance»

Half-yearly we give ourselves and everyone else the opportunity to ask some questions, the main of which are: what does it mean to dance? how does the body and mind create the conditions for dancing? what if we look at the dance from the other side as well? how to be inspired in dance? We understand laboratories as a form of dance practice that has a research interest without being held back by academic or other conventional obligations.

From 2 to 15 August, the fourth release of laboratories took place, and this time with an expanded composition of the leading ones. Masha Sheshukova, Anton Vdovichenko, Anya Kravchenko, as well as studio colleagues: Yulianna Avramenko from Samara, Tanya Chizhikova and Albina Vakhitova from Moscow, presented the laboratory team from the studio. Six laboratories were held - each one week.

Each of the presenters suggested a truly urgent topic for themselves, without compromise that someone would not understand something, but with concern for potential participants. Importantly, each theme was supported by the presenter's personal dance experience, that is, the interest and method were from dance, from dance.


Diaghilev Festival 13.06.2021


«Prophecies of the Russian avant-garde»

Our Foundation considers it an important mission to popularize the values ​​of our art heritage, such as the Russian Avant-garde. The founder of the Art.Coordinate, Daria Kalinina, suggested looking at the avant-garde from a completely unexpected point of view. he lecture helped to understand why the Russian Avant-garde marches through the ages, leaving a mark in design, fashion, architecture, inspiring the generation of «ACCA» and ultra-modern artists of our time.

The guests of the festival, together with Daria, figured out why the Russian Avant-garde has commercially successful strategies and why marketers are closely studying it. We plan to develop a series of lectures dedicated to the Russian Avant-garde and present them at the Diaghilev Festival next year.

Library and Art Residence SHKAF 29.05.2021


«Why is it impossible to teach art»

The event was the first one for the teen art awards award, a project of the Art.Coordinate Foundation for Contemporary Art. The object of the conversation with the artist were questions that are important for creative youth: how to find their own way, what are the basic principles of studying art, where are the boundaries between creativity and commerce, and many others.

The aim of the teen art awards is to help discover and develop young talents, and since our very first event, we have been striving for this goal. So, with the support of the Contemporary Art Foundation Art.Coordinate and the Library and Art Residence SHKAF, a dialogue was held between representatives of creative youth and Alexei Gan, an artist of the St. Petersburg Marina Gisich art gallery, who was concurrently a member of the jury of the award. Alexey really has something to share with the younger generation: he is a participant in museum and gallery exhibitions in Russia, Finland and Germany, a laureate of the RölfsPartner award in Dusseldorf, a teacher and creator with a bright and unique personality.

Two hours of conversation passed imperceptibly in the lovely atmosphere of one of the auditoriums of the SHKAF Library. More than thirty people of different ages and professions, not only from St. Petersburg, but also from Kazan, Yekaterinburg and even Mexico were looking for answers to various questions in a dialogue with Alexey Gan. Thus, the audience was interested in the secrets of work and success, the role of marketing strategy in the activities of an artist of the XXI century, Alexei’s credo is the ways of developing a creative individuality. But the most important, perhaps, was the question of the role of youth in contemporary creative discourse. Alexei said that teenagers show us vibe of the streets and we should listen to them.